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Mi Air Charge Technology, A New Race of Remote Charging

Xiaomi Introduces new Air Charging Technology.

  • Mi Air Charge Technology – 5W remote charging
  • Beacon array
  • Receiving antenna array

Mi Air Charge Technology has enabled users to remotely charge electronic devices with none cables or wireless charging stands. Xiaomi has remodeled the wireless charging expertise into a replacement and true wireless charging era.

Mi Air Charge Technology

The core technology of Xiaomi’s remote charging(Mi Air Charge Technology) lies in area positioning and energy transmission. Xiaomi’s new self developed tower 5 part interference antennas that accurately detects the situation of supported devices (smartphone). It’s a part control array composed of one hundred forty four antennas that transmits millimeter-wide waves on to the phone through beamforming.

Xiaomi has conjointly developed a miniaturized antenna array with intrinsical “beacon antenna” and “receiving antenna array”.
Beacon antenna- It consumes low power for broadcasting position data.
Receiving antenna array –it’s composed of fourteen antennas that converts the metric linear unit wave signal emitted by the charging pile into electricity through the rectifier circuit.
Currently, Xiaomi remote charging technology has capability of 5-watt remote charging for one device inside a radius of many meters. except this,& nbsp;multiple devices can even be charged at identical time (each device supports five watts), and even physical obstacles can’t scale back the charging potency.>Xiaomi portend Future living rooms to be totally wireless

In the near future, Xiaomi is functioning on self-developed area isolation charging technology to create compatible smart watches, bracelets and different wearable devices. Shortly, our front room devices, together with speakers, table lamps and different tiny sensible home merchandise, can all be designed upon a wireless power provide style, fully freed from wires, creating our living rooms really wireless. The longer term era is of totally wireless technology , and it’s simply a replacement starting of charging electronic devices.



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