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How To: Boost Your Computer Speed In These Steps

After a period of time windows pc/laptop starts taking more time due to software becoming more demanding and it impacts your pc performance.

In this speedy time everybody wants their computer or laptop to work fast. As computer technology is rapidly growing so faster and giving high performance at a lesser price.

So if you are using an older one and your workload is slowing down your pc performance. Then your pc can run faster easily by following performance boosting instructions shown in this article.

Check What is slowing down your pc speed? Windows-7,8,10

Software Update First of all check whether your operating system is updated or not? If not then update it. Also update other drivers and necessary applications.

Hard Drive– Check your pc has enough disk space to load files faster. You should keep your Primary Drive separate only for the operating  system and other application software. Keep using disk cleanup in a regular interval of time to delete unnecessary temporary files. Also delete files from the recycle bin. 

Follow Steps Below :

Click on start button type: Run in the search box and press enter Or press Windows key + R →

Type: Tempand press enter, Select all files and delete.

Similarly Type: %Temp% in Run Section and press enter, Select all files and delete

People having a good storage sense prefer a Solid-State Drive (SSD) instead of Hard-Disk Drive because it reads data fast and speeds up your pc. Users should consider keeping very few apps on windows start up. 

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Ram Usage– Open task manager and see ram usage in the performance section. If ram is fully loaded upgrade ram or uninstall the unnecessary application and limit the programs that run at startup. 

Do not use a high visual effects setting if your pc is running slow. Go to the control panel and update to standard settings.

Spyware and Viruses : Scan your pc time to time using windows defender or other antivirus. keep checking the notification area if any problem is found try to troubleshoot it.

Web Browser : You may have  difficulty with the Web Browser so don’t waste your time and move to alternatives. Clear browsing history and temporary files of the browser from the browser setting to have smooth experience.

Top Browsers for windows- Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera Web Browser



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